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BRIGHT LIGHTS FL | Posted by at January 31, 2005 | Comments:

We've got several new fanlistings hosted on BillyCrawford.org, but one in special. The Bright Lights fanlisting. If you like the song, please join! To check out some of the other hostees, click here

GALLERY UPDATES | Posted by at January 29, 2005 | Comments:

I've added several new pictures to the Gallery, including 110 screenshots from the "Steamy Nights" video.. sorry for the bad quality!

STEAMY NIGHTS | Posted by at January 28, 2005 | Comments:

It's finally here! Exclusively to BillyCrawford.org, we've got a 2minute long preview of the new Steamy Nights video. Enjoy watching and don't forget: Copyright bc.org! If you're planning on using this file for your own website please ask permission first. Do not hotlink & save to your own computer. DO NOT STREAM!!


SOME UPDATES | Posted by at January 26, 2005 | Comments:

Sorry for not updating a lot, but there's not much news on Billy.. I've added 3 new members to the Big City Fanlisting and 3 new pictures of the NRJ Music Awards to the gallery. Enjoy! :)

GALLERY UPDATE | Posted by at January 25, 2005 | Comments:

I've added 20 more pictures (well.. most of them are actually thumbnails) from the NRJ Music Awards 2005. Click one of the thumbs below to view 'em :)

SITE UPDATES | Posted by at January 24, 2005 | Comments:

First of all I'd like to start off by thanking everyone for joining the new fanlisting, and submitting so much stuff for the fanbook! I'm sure Billy is going to love it! I've updated some site sections, so make sure to check 'em out! :)

Top 3 Big City ; Top 3 Ride ; Affiliates ; Avatars ; Celeb Match ; Fanbook ; Billy Fanlisting ; Big City Fanlisting

BIG CITY FANLISTING | Posted by at January 23, 2005 | Comments:

I've opened a new fanlisting. This ones for Billy's new album "Big City". Feel free to visit & don't forget to join the fanlisting! Click here

NMA2005 PICTURES | Posted by at January 23, 2005 | Comments:

WireImage.com has posted 5 images of Billy arriving at the NRJ Music Awards. Click here to check 'em out. If someone could get me the HQ's, that'd be awesome! For now, I'll be adding the small thumbnails to the gallery.

AND THE NOMINEES ARE.. | Posted by at January 23, 2005 | Comments:

Last night, Billy presented the "French Song of the Year" at the NRJ Music Awards 2005. I made an mp3 of it. You can hear the nominees and hear Billy talk French/English to one of the hostess. Enjoy listening!


FANCLUB CLOSES | Posted by at January 23, 2005 | Comments:

Billy's Official Fanclub (http://www.confidentialgroup.com/billy) has closed down. I've tried to contact them, but haven't got an email back yet, so there's no reason why they closed yet. If there's any more news on this I'll post it as soon as possible. Everyone who subscribed to the fanclub won't receive newsletters OR goodies anymore.

AND THE AWARD GOES TO.. | Posted by at January 22, 2005 | Comments:

And the Best Male Singer International is.. Usher. What, Usher? Yep, Usher actually won. So.. Billy didn't win the award :( On the internet poll Billy had 25% out of 5 artists, so I guess Usher must have had lots of votes today. Oh well.. we all know who's the best and we dont need awards to prove that, right?! Later on that night Billy gave away the award for "Best Song France". K-Maro won, and K-Maro said the award was actually for Billy, because he is such a big inspirtation to him. Aww, how sweet is that?!

ARRIVAL PICS | Posted by at January 22, 2005 | Comments:

I've added 3 pictures of Billy arriving at the NRJ Music Awards. Billy wears a really cool, white suit which looks fab. Click here to check out the pictures & post your opinions on his suit!

If someone could get me HQ (or unmarked) pictures from the Awards, please me!

STEAMY NIGHTS NRJ RADIO MIX | Posted by at January 22, 2005 | Comments:

Ok, so there actually IS a special NRJ Radio Mix of "Steamy Nights". I've never been this wrong about something in my whole life! Anyway, to make it all up to you. BillyCrawford.org is the only Billy fansite who offers a radio rip of the Special Mix! I'm truly sorry about the quality and the first 5 seconds missing. Anyway, I hope you like it. Enjoy listening!

Billy Crawford - Steamy Nights (NRJ Radio Mix).mp3
Click right, save target as.., set location

NEW PICTURES | Posted by at January 22, 2005 | Comments:

I've added 2 new screenshots of the show "The Buzz". Billy was on this show in December 2004. Thanks Regine!

[View Images]

NRJ AWARDS | Posted by at January 21, 2005 | Comments:

Tomorrow is the day! The NRJ Music Awards 2005. I got some stuff from the previous awards. Enjoy! :)

You Didn't Expect That (Live at the NRJ Music Awards 2003)
MPG Video
Live MP3

UPDATE | Posted by at January 21, 2005 | Comments:

Newsupdate! There will be 52min documentary on MCM, about Billy Crawford "in the Philippines". How cool is that? I don't know exactly when it's gonna be shown on TV, but I'll let you know as soon as possible. Also, the video for Steamy Nights will premier on February 2, and the 26th of February Billy will appear on "Hitmachine". Then, just a reminder: Billy will appear on "Le Grand Classement" on January 28, 20:50h at M6. Enjoy watching!

STEAMY NIGHTS | Posted by at January 20, 2005 | Comments:

I reported a few weeks ago that Billy had recorded a special version of Steamy Nights. Well, I'm not so sure any more. I got this from a French artical, so I think I just missunderstood. I was just listening to NRJ when they played Billy Crawford with Steamy Nights, and the only difference I could find was: you don't hear the girl saying "Billy, está noche está.." I made a capture, sorry for the bad quality, enjoy listening anyway! :)

Click here to download "Billy Crawford - Steamy Nights (Radio Rip NRJ)" expired

PRE-SHOW | Posted by at January 18, 2005 | Comments:

As we all know, Saturday are the NRJ Music Awards. That same day, there will be a pre-show from 13h till 17hr and Billy will be performing there along with: Jamelia, Nadiya, Calogero, Jenifer, Leslie, K'Maro, Tragedie, Natasha St Pier, Emma Daumas, The Servant, Anggun, Slaï, Willy Denzey, M.Pokora, Daniel Bedingfield and lots of other artists.

PICTURE UPDATE | Posted by at January 18, 2005 | Comments:

Picture update! Added a lot of new pictures to the gallery, click on one of the thumbnails to check them out!

FANBOOK | Posted by at January 18, 2005 | Comments:

As I said a long time before, I had a little suprise for you. Well, it's finished now! I'm going to make a fanbook for Billy, which will be given to him somewhere in March. I also made a little sub-site to do this, you can find the rules, submit info and contact information there. The URL is: http://fanbook.billycrawford.org so go check it out & submit your letter and/or picture(s)!

POSSIBLE DUET ALBUM | Posted by at January 17, 2005 | Comments:

Billy Crawford is teaming up with Gary Valenciano for a song to be released on a Universal album. The album should be released in early 2005 and it also includes other duets between Billy and other (Filipino) singers.

NEW GALLERY | Posted by at January 17, 2005 | Comments:

Our new gallery is online! I'm sorry it took me so long to put it online. I'm not finished yet with uploading all the pictures, but I think I'll be done by the end of the week. Well, enjoy the new gallery!

Click here to check out our new gallery!

NUMBER FOUR | Posted by at January 17, 2005 | Comments:

Billy Crawford's Bright Lights is at number 4 in the Monster Radio Countdown. Last week the single was number 2, and it has been in the charts for 8 weeks now! You can't vote these charts, I think they're just based on airplay + single sells. Hopefully the new single will do just as well!

NUMBER ONE | Posted by at January 17, 2005 | Comments:

Billy's new single "Bright Lights" has reached the top of the charts in the Philippines. Yep, that's right - it's NUMBER ONE! This is Billy's 2nd Number 1 hit since the release of the hitsingle "Trackin'". Congratulations Billy!

UPDATES | Posted by at January 16, 2005 | Comments:

I've updated a lot of sections, plus added new ones. Check out the following sections & take part if you haven't done so already:
- Celeb Match
- Top 3 Ride
- Official Links
- Forum
- Blogs & Profiles

BILLY WON! | Posted by at January 15, 2005 | Comments:

You can't vote for the NRJ Awards online anymore. If you live in France you can still vote by sending an text message to NRJ, but that's it. On the site of the NRJ Awards, you see a star at Billy's picture. This means Billy has won the online voting contest!! IF none of the other nominees will get more votes by sms, than Billy will be official winner of the NRJ Music Award: International Male! So, if you live in France keep voting & make Billy win!

I also redid a lot of the lyrics, I've also added the lyrics to Why. I know a lot of you guys have wanted those lyrics. Also, I'm revamping the gallery, it will be online tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

MESSAGE.. | Posted by at January 14, 2005 | Comments:

So.. an update! First of all I'd like to thank you all for your messages. You've all been so nice and understand to me. THANKS!

There's a French show: "Le grand classement" and Billy will be on the show on January 28. Show stars at 20:50 and will be screened on M6 (a music channel). The theme of that night is "Les 30 superstars du disco", so I'm sure it's gonna be amazing! If there's anyone who can make screencaps or maybe an live mp3 that would be awesome.

All the news from 2004 has been moved to the Archives

MESSAGE.. | Posted by at January 07, 2005 | Comments:

Hey everyone, I just wanna say that I probably won't be updating ANY of my websites for about 1 week, for personal reasons. My grandpa past away last night & I really don't feel like submitting news and pictures etc. If there's reallii important Billy news I will be updating, but I just wanted to let you know this so you won't be like: Why isn't she updating? I hope you understand..

NEW SINGLE | Posted by at January 06, 2005 | Comments:

I just got this mail from someone, with news about a possible new single..

billy was interviewed weeks ago and he mentioned this new single that he had recorded with his filipino idol, gary valenciano. he said he looked up to him so much since he was a kid. i saw them do a dance off together at a show called ASAP. So when he came back here in the phils. he didn't waste any time to do a duet with gary. he didn't mention any title but he said that the song was about his first heartbreak. She didn't mention the name of the girl either when he was asked. Well, probably it's a huge secret of him.

I also found this:
"Angeli also told us how Billy and Gary spent four hours inside Gary’s study because "they’re writing a song together." This, of course, is one of Billy’s long-time dream, to be able to do a song with his lifetime idol, from whom, he said, he drew inspiration from. And this is evident to those who’ve seen that "ASAP" number. Their rapport together cannot be denied and like brilliant duets, they were trading brilliant dance steps like they’ve danced together all their lives."

VOTE FOR BILLY | Posted by at January 06, 2005 | Comments:

Vote for Billy at Hitwest! Click here and scroll down to #29, than click "votez" (Vote). Thanks! :) You can vote everyday, so just keep on voting!

RADIO CONTACT GREATEST HITS 2004 | Posted by at January 05, 2005 | Comments:

Billy Crawford appears on the "Greatest Hits of the year 2004" CD from Radio Contact!

Eric Prydz - Call on me
Nadiya - Et c'est parti
113 Magic system - Un gaou a oran
Vanguarde - Gimme! gimme! gimme!
African connection - Ami oh
J five - Modern times
Billy Crawford - Bright lights
Pearl - J'ai des choses a te dire
Soma riba feat. Dj Fou - Yaka dansé
Gunther - Ding dong song
Lady ragga - Come & get it
Fabrizio Faniello - I'm In Love
Scooter - Shake that
Brian Mcfadden - Real to me

K. Maro - Femme like u
Leslie Amine - Sobri (Notre Destin)
Royal Gigolos - California dreamin'
Danzel - Pump it up!
Yannick Noah - Mon elderado
Benassi bros. - Hit my heart
Aventura - Obsesion
Slaï - Flamme
Haiducii - Dragostea din tei
Xam & kobla - Ouh la la
Eddy Wata - Jam
Sakidi - Percer (Oh là, qui va là)
LMC vs U2 - Take me to the clouds above
Booming people - Hafanana

NEWSUPDATE | Posted by at January 05, 2005 | Comments:

Here's just small newsupdate from V2 Records, Billy's recordcompany.

Billy is now in LA. Tomorrow he will shoot the new video for "Steamy Nights", which the same group of producer who worked on the latest single of Destiny's Child. Billy has also recorded a newer version of "Steamy Nights", this version will be the official single, the album version will be on the b-side of the single. Billy will also be responding to all the questions that have been asked at the site in February when he will be back in France. In January Billy will make an appearance at the NRJ Music Awards, where he is nominated as "Best Male Singer International", please vote here: http://www.nrj.fr/awards/awards2005. Billy will be on television at the show "Le Grand Classement, a tv show at M6. Well, that's it. A busy beginning of the year for Billy! To join the new V2 official newsletter please join at http://fr.v2music.com/site/member.asp

TRIO LIKES BILLY | Posted by at January 05, 2005 | Comments:

I just found this online, it's not really news, but I just thought I'd post it here..

The girls describe their music as a mix of Brazilian and French influences, plus contemporary R&B. They say they enjoy listening to American artists Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Usher, and the Philippines' very own Billy Crawford. T-Rio also hopes to be internationally known, even if they hardly sing in English.

WE'RE BACK.. APPEARANTELY | Posted by at January 05, 2005 | Comments:

Hey everyone! Well.. appearantely BillyCrawford.org is back up! It's still not working for me and I've spoken to some others who still can't view the site either, but I'm sure it will be back up soon for those people soon. Anyway, I'm still busy uploading a lot of stuff. Expect everything to be up by the end of the week, including the gallery & media clips. Also, my email is still not working. So, till then please use [email protected]. Thanks!

ARTICLE | Posted by at January 05, 2005 | Comments:

I've added 1 new review of "Big City" and 2 new articles: "Billy Crawford-Vhong Navarro dance showdown on ‘Wazzup Wazzup’" & "Manila Times". Enjoy! :)

EXORCIST TO BE RELEASED! | Posted by at January 01, 2005 | Comments:

After a 20 million-dollar remake and a disappointing run at the box office in August, it seems Morgan Creek have finally listened to fans and realized to potential of Schrader's original version of Exorcist: The Beginning. The film will hit American cinema's in 2005, while Renny Harlin's re-hash of this original version is about to hit DVD, where it is expected to better than it did on the silver screen.

BillyCrawford.org is the only Billy Crafword fansite who now has an exclusive clip of the Paul Schrader version. However, it only contains Billy for like 1 second, maybe not even that long. You can download it here. Please do not hotlink & only download once & than just watch it from your computer. Thanks..




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04/03/05 Montpellier
06/03/05 Nice
08/03/05 Bruxelles (Belgium)
09/03/05 Lille
10/03/05 Metz
12/03/05 Cean
13/03/05 Orleans
15/03/05 Clermont
16/03/05 Toulouse
17/03/05 Pau
20/03/05 Paris
22/03/05 Lyon
23/03/05 Geneve
25/03/05 Saint Loubes
27/03/05 Rouen

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