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DOWNTIME | Posted by at March 04, 2005 | Comments:

Some of you guys might have noticed some downtime the past few days, if you'd like to know what's going on click here. My host really needs to raise money to keep the server up so please donate if you can! You won't just help out my host, you will also keep BC.org alive :) Thanks so much in advance! :)

GALLERY | Posted by at March 03, 2005 | Comments:

Added some more pictures to the gallery, enjoy! :)

- NRJ Music Awards 2005 (Appearances)
- When You're In Love With Someone (CD Artwork)
- Salut (Magazines)
- Trackin' (Europe) (CD Artwork)
- Star Club (Magazines - 2002 - 2003)
- Too Much (Magazines)
- Super Magazine (2002)

GALLERY UPDATES | Posted by at March 02, 2005 | Comments:

I've added a bunch of new scans to the gallery, enjoy! :) I'll be adding more scans and captures tomorrow.

- Magazines: Star Club (2004)
- Magazines: Super (2003)
- Magazines: Super (2004)
- Promotional: Royalwear Ad (Other)
- Magazines: R&B Generation (2004)
- Magazines: Betsy & Gary (2003)

If anyone can get me scans of newer magazines, feel free to send them to me. I'll give you full credit!

MEDIA FILES | Posted by at February 28, 2005 | Comments:

I know a lot of the media files are temporarily unavailable. However, we have a "Music & Video" section at our forums, so if you want a file really bad, just ask one of our members to upload it for you. [check out the forum]

STEAMY NIGHTS | Posted by at February 28, 2005 | Comments:

Steamy Nights has been released today! If you haven't done so, please get a copy of Billy's brilliant new single & make him #1! Also, the closing date for the fanbook is March 6. If you would like to submit anything for the fanbook, please click here

KEEP ON TRACKIN.. | Posted by at February 25, 2005 | Comments:

I've been capping the UK version of "Trackin'" for ya'll, however, I got a little too excited and took over 600 captures, lol. I'm sure you don't mind ;)

A NEW CHAPTER OF EVIL | Posted by at February 24, 2005 | Comments:

Schrader's version of "The Exorcist: The Beginning" will have its World Premiere in Berlin at the Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film on March 18. There should be a limited US cinema release before a DVD of the film finally hits shelves. Billy will probably be appearing at this event aswell. BloodyNews.com has posted the trailer and some stills of the movie. Check them out in our gallery. And click here to download the trailer. Once again, full credit to: BloodyNews.com. Thanks for letting me know, Justin!

DONNONS NOUS LA MAIN | Posted by at February 22, 2005 | Comments:

Well.. remember how Billy recorded a song with some other French artists etc etc, I told you the track was called Donnez-Nous La Main right? Well it's not. It's called: Donnons Nous La Main. What's the difference you ask? I have no idea, but anyway, on the left you can find the cover of the single. You can download the song for 0.99 Euro at: VirginMega.fr, E-Compil.fr, FnacMusic.com, M6Music.fr, Alapage.com and CoraMusic.fr. If anyone has got the lyrics to this track, please email them to me. Thanks so much in advance!

RYAN-STYLE.NET | Posted by at February 20, 2005 | Comments:

Ok, first of all sorry for plugging my new site, but.. I'd like to tell you all about my new site: Ryan-Style.net. It's a fansite for Ryan Cabrera with some cool audio, video and wallpapers etc. If you like Ryan, please check out the site & let me know what you think of it! Thank you!

NOUS DONNEZ LA MAIN VIDEO | Posted by at February 19, 2005 | Comments:

As I promised earlier today, I've added the Nous-Donnez La Main video. Full credit goes to: Croix-Rouge.fr. Please donate for the victims of the tsunami. Every donation will be appreciated!

Nous-Donnez La Main
Size 9.03 MB
Format ASF
Copyright BillyCrawford.org & Croix-Rouge.fr

NOUS DONNEZ LA MAIN | Posted by at February 19, 2005 | Comments:

There were a few rumors Billy was written out of the project, but I can finally confirm the rumors to be false! Billy has recorded the song "Nous Donnez La Main" along with other French artist. The songs for charity and the money from sales will go to the Tsunami victims. There's also a video which will be added later on today, check out the screencaps for now!

GALLERY UPDATE | Posted by at February 18, 2005 | Comments:

I've added +80 screencaps of the InfosJeunes interview. Check them out at our gallery!

TOUR REHEARSELS | Posted by at February 18, 2005 | Comments:

Exciting news for all you English Billy fans out there! Billy's currently in England rehearsing for his upcoming Big City Tour. I don't know where exactly he is at the moment, but I'll post it as soon as I have more info! He also responded to the whole Michael Jackson this that's going on. He said: "I really don't care about Michael's personal life. I adore him, I think he's a great, professional, artist and whatever's going on with him; it's none of my business."

INTERVIEW | Posted by at February 18, 2005 | Comments:

Just found another interview online. Billy's talking English but you hear a French voice over, Billy talks about Steamy Nights, the upcoming tour, Michael Jackson and more. Check it out! [DOWNLOAD]

VIDEO UPDATES | Posted by at February 18, 2005 | Comments:

I finally got time to re-do the entire video section. Check out some new video downloads. Enjoy watching! :) [Proceed]

FANBOOK REMINDER | Posted by at February 18, 2005 | Comments:

First of all I'd like to start off by saying THANK YOU all so much for all the sweet messages to Billy. All of them have been added to the fanbook! All of you guys have been added to the list at http://fanbook.billycrawford.org If you're name if not on here, please re-submit your message. You will always get an email back from me when I have received your message. Also, I've set up some sort of "competition" to win an interview in the fanbook. The interview won't be with Billy - I will ask you some questions about Billy. You'll get a very special place in the fanbook, to tell something about yourself and why you think you're Billy's biggest fan. For more info please email . To get nominated for this "special place", also email me at and tell me why you want it. As soon as I read your message I will let you know whether you have won or not - so hurry up! Only a few lucky ones will get this opportunity!

SITE UPDATES | Posted by at February 15, 2005 | Comments:

Sorry for not updating in such a long time! There's just not much news on Billy. I've uploaded a lot of new songs (especially remixes) to the audio section, so go check it out! Also added new favourite songs from fans, and updated the affiliate section.

MAGAZINE SCANS | Posted by at February 09, 2005 | Comments:

Added some old scans from the Star Fifteen magazine. Enjoy the pictures! :) [Gallery]

NEW AUDIO | Posted by at February 06, 2005 | Comments:

Sorry it took me ages to put these files online. Here are some of the songs Billy performed thursday/friday at NRJ Live. :)

Bright Lights (Live at NRJ)
Steamy Nights (Live at NRJ)
What's Going On (Live at NRJ - ft. Carine)
[ click here for more ]

HOLA | Posted by at February 06, 2005 | Comments:

I've added 3 scans of a magazine called "Hola". See thumbnails below. Full credit to: Adouline_57 @ V2 Messageboards!

TRACKLISTING | Posted by at February 05, 2005 | Comments:

Exclusive tracklisting to "Steamy Nights". If you're using this news for your own fansite, please credit us!
01: Steamy Nights (Radio Edit)
02: Steamy Nights (Gettho Beat RMX)
03: CDROM: Steamy Nights (Video)
04: CDROM: Opendisc

STEAMY NIGHTS (2) | Posted by at February 05, 2005 | Comments:

Once again, for the people who missed the previous download. BillyCrawford.org has the exclusive new video to Steamy Nights, full length. Enjoy downloading!

!EXCLUSIVE! Steamy Nights (Full Musicvideo)
Format: WMV
Size: 9.52 MB
*Click right, save target as..*

STEAMY NIGHTS | Posted by at February 05, 2005 | Comments:

It's official. Steamy Nights will be released on February 28, 2005 in France. On the left, you can see the cover of the new single. Pretty cool huh? For a larger image, please go to our Gallery :)

READY FOR THE WORLD | Posted by at February 03, 2005 | Comments:

While some Filipino singers claim to have launched an international recording career, so far only Billy Crawford has attained an international R&B-pop sensation status, and thatís an acknowledged fact. [read more]

+ Added a new Fan of the Month

CHARITY | Posted by at February 02, 2005 | Comments:

A French singer, Tragedie, has started a project for all the victims of the tsunami. A lot of singers and bands from France will be participating, including Billy. Billy has announced to be part of this a few days ago, he said: "Yes, I am going to be part of it. I feel really sorry for all the people who have lost family or friends. I'm in the position to help these people, so why wouldn't I? This is the least I can do.

NRJ LIVE | Posted by at February 02, 2005 | Comments:

Billy appeared at NRJ again this night, and sung 3 songs! Of course, we have them available for download. Enjoy listening :)

Candy Store
Yeah (ft. Matt Pokora)
You Didn't Expect That

TV APPEARANCES | Posted by at February 02, 2005 | Comments:

Billy will be appearing on a program called "Passi vs. Billy Crawford" on M6 Music. The program is about 2 celebrities interviewing each other. Here are the dates: France only!

- First show: February 08, 2005: 22:00
- Second show: February 09, 2005: 19:00
- Third show: February 10, 2005: 13:00
- Fourth show: February 11, 2005: 20:00
- Fifth (final) show: February 12, 2005: 10:00

NEW LAYOUT | Posted by at February 02, 2005 | Comments:

New layout! Hope you all like the layout, sorry if you find any errors I will fix them as soon as possible :) Enjoy!

CANDY STORE | Posted by at February 01, 2005 | Comments:

Billy has just announced "Candy Store" will be the 3rd single off the "Big City" album. The first single, Bright Lights went to #12 in the French charts, and the 2nd single hasn't even been released yet, that's why it's kinda weird has already announced this and even did some promo.. Let me know what you think of it at our forums!

2 NEW MP3S | Posted by at February 01, 2005 | Comments:

Ok, I made 2 mp3s of Billy at NRJ but the quality sucks. Just warning ya. My computer was acting up and the first mp3 isn't even full, the second one stops somewhere in the middle for about 4 seconds. I'm so sorry about the low quality, I'll try to get better mp3s as soon as possible! Enjoy listening anyway :)

Billy Crawford - I Need A Girl (Live at NRJ) (P. Diddy ft. Usher Cover) [ Download ]
Billy Crawford - Candy Store (Live at NRJ) [ Download ]

FUN RADIO PIX | Posted by at February 01, 2005 | Comments:

I've added 11 new pictures of Fun Radio, Billy was here last night and talked about his carreer for about one hour. Enjoy! :)

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