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Posted 10.03.2005 03:17
ei billy...know what? i really admire u not only for ur totally breathtaking talents but most importantly.....for your great love to your mom and also to the philippines....ur really down to earth and im so glad for that.... i can't leave without my mom too that's why i really admire those people who give really great importance and love to their moms....billy, i really have my two thumbs up for you....u really make me proud that im a filipino.... hope i can attend to one of ur concerts here in the phil....but i guess....that's not so possible this time coz first, i live miles away from manila, second, i don't have that much money to attend to one of your major concerts.....but that's not a problem i guess.....maybe we'll see each other in the near future.....in God's own will...hehehehe!!! (drama ang effect noh?...) nweiz, billy.....i really hope u can make it to America before this year ends...but im sure u will....ikaw pa!!!! Pinoy ka eh....!!!! hehehe!!!! More Power to u billy and keep on loving ur mom!!!...hehehe!!!! (hope i can email u directly thru ur own email ad.....) :D :D :D :P Sorry bout the first entry....there were lots of errors so i have to add a new edited one....pasensya na.....

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Posted 07.03.2005 02:41
hey joyce! reeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy nice site...i looovvveee it! :D Billy is such an incredible guy. He's real tight man! he's got everthin'i want in a guy. He's got great moves and a voice that tickles your spine :P Great job Billy! aight Man! ;)fo sho' ur the greatest! :D

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Posted 06.03.2005 20:24
i feel so deprived of billy's talent! i grew up watching him on both tv and the big screen when i was back home in the philippines and it totally sucks that he can't release an album in the united states! boy, they don't know what they are missing out! billy has a real talent for everything and he would do far better than most artist here. i hope he could be signed on a label here also. it is real shame for a lot of filipinos here and the whole country (US) not to at least be given the chance to see what you can do. all my love for billy! ;)

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Posted 06.03.2005 12:43
hi billy I'm french but I try to speak english just for you ! You are the best singer and dancer of the world ! You know to do everything ! Highly the 9th march at lille to see you ! I adore you billy !!! :)

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Posted 05.03.2005 00:35
hey billy!!! proud to be pinoy!! gosh your songs are really cool i love the way you dance and sing I hope you will visit us again here in phils. and have your concert here!!!! pls. give your E-mail add naman oh!!! ;) ;)

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Posted 04.03.2005 06:54
wazzup y'all hello to all Billy's fans u know i love him very much.... mwahhhh Billy oweeeh... ;)

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Posted 04.03.2005 06:51
Hi Billy! u r the one that i need in my whole life(lol). U know I am proud to be a pinoy coz u r pinoy too. Billy sana pumunta ka ulit here sa pilipinas dalawin mo ulit kami dito!!! :(

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Posted 03.03.2005 19:56
hi billy...ur really cool...ur songs are really great...u know i definitely like trackin and candy store...

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Posted 21.02.2005 18:10
b!LLy CrAwFoRd!!!!! there's nothing more i can say but DAMN!!!! YOUR THE BEST DUDE!!!!! :D

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Posted 21.02.2005 13:04
There's a lil problem, some of the songs in Media/Audio don't play. I only tried the songs of BigCity. I think 4 of them don't work. Can you please do somethin?

- I'm working on it :) Expect all the songs to be online within 1-2 weeks!

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