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GUESS WHO'S BACK | Posted by at December 30, 2004 | Comments:

Guess who's back.. back again *lol*. Yes, that's right. BillyCrawford.org is back up. New server, new layout, new beginning! I hope you all had a wonderfull (white) Christmas and had a great time. Im truly sorry for being offline for such a long time. I promise - well I'm gonna try - to keep the site back up from now on. Feel free to browse around, a new layout will be added soon. Happy new year!

MATT POKONA | Posted by at December 28, 2004 | Comments:

There's a French singer, Matt, who recently said some intresting stuff about Billy in a interview. In France, people see him as the next Billy Crawford. This is what he said:
"I think Billy is a very talented singer, but I'm not trying to be him. I've got my own thing going on and Billy has got his thing going on. He has just released an album, which I've listened to and it's cool. But it's not the sort of thing I would do."

Billy replied on this with the following words:
"I know the press is like all over the fact that people see him as the next me, but I think everyone should create his or her own style. What the point of having two the same people anyway? If Matt is trying to be me, than good luck to him, it's actually kinda nice to know there's someone trying to be you, because that means people love me right? *laughs*"

NEW GALLERY | Posted by at December 15, 2004 | Comments:

Finally, it's here! I finished the new gallery & added lots of new pictures. Feel free to visit the gallery. The new url is: https://billycrawford.org/Gallery. I'm also working on a new layout, hopefully it will be online soon! I also re-did the "Top 5" sections. Submissions are on different pages cuz the pages were getting kinda huge, lol. Hope you like it better now! :)

BILLY ON TOUR | Posted by at December 14, 2004 | Comments:

Billy talked about his upcoming tour in Europe!
"I'm so excited for this tour, really, I can't wait till it's happening! I've practised so much. I just wanna go out there and do my thing. Everyone has been so supportive the past few months, it's been great! I've met fans from lots of different countries, France of course, Belgium, Holland and I went back to the Philippines, which was a great experience. I'd love to go back after I toured in Europe... This tour is definately gonna be different from the other small tours I did. I'm gonna perform over 9 songs this time, from the new album, and some songs from the Ride album. I can't tell you which ones yet, just come see it for yourself. I promise you'll love it so buy tickets if you haven't done so already!"

BILLY ON BIG CITY | Posted by at December 14, 2004 | Comments:

Billy recently talked about his new album "Big City" in an interview. (I translated it from French to English, so sorry if I made any mistakes)
"Big City is definately my favourite album so far. It's so much more mature than the last album. Not even to mention the first album *laughs*. My favourite song is "Jump Off". It reminds me of Michael Jackson, and I dedicated the song to him. I'm a huge fan of him, really, I can't think of anyone I look up more than him. Ok, apart from my mom n dad of course... *laughs*. Other songs I like are "Cowboy" and "Candy Store". But then there's "Go'n Girl" which got this catchy rock-melodie, which is cool too. Every song on the album has a different meaning to me, and that's why I like it so much. I co-produced some songs, and I wrote a lot for this album. Hopefully my next album which be just as good as this one, or even better!"

BILLY MESSAGE | Posted by at December 12, 2004 | Comments:

Someone posted a message at the messageboard, saying he's Billy. I really don't believe it, but here's the message anyway:
Billy Joe: Hey everyone! I just wanna say thank you all so much. I truly appreciate all your support and I can't wait to meet you all! Take care xx, Billy Joe Crawford

I've also added 2 new songs to the Media section, Bright Lights (Club Mix) and Billie Jean (Live @ Star Academy). Enjoy listening! :)

MEDIA UPDATE | Posted by at December 11, 2004 | Comments:

I've just added 2 brand new media files. The video of "Trackin' - UK Version" and the song "Forget To Forget" ft. Andrew E. & Janno Gibbs. Enjoy listening/watching!

BILLY DATING! | Posted by at December 11, 2004 | Comments:

Billy recently admitted he's dating someone, after breaking up with Lorie. "Yes, I'm dating someone at the moment. I don't really wanna get into details, but her name is Mariz and she's from L.A.. She's a dancer and I that's how I met her. We've been going out for the past 4 months and we're really getting along. I mean, it's not like I'm in a serious relationship, but things are getting well for the both of us, so who knows?"
Aww, how sweet! I'll try to get some more info on her as soon as possible. If anyone knows stuff like her last name or something. Feel free to submit! :)

INTERVIEW | Posted by at December 11, 2004 | Comments:

KAMUSTA po [How are you?]," were the first two words that Billy Crawford uttered on the phone when Super! called him to do this exclusive shoot.
This is coming from the same guy whose songs are grooving Europe at the moment. Super! columnist KC Concepcion tells me that in Paris, she can't even get close to him since Billy is always being mobbed. Once, in Stockholm, Sweden, I was at a club that was a bit on the tame side--until the DJ played Billy's song. The club went from ho hum to happening! [read on] (Thanks Sandra!)

SCHEDULE | Posted by at December 10, 2004 | Comments:

Manila emailed me Billy's schedule of last monday. Thanks so much, Manila! This is what was emailed:
- During his 5-day stay, he was billeted at the Linden Suites
- At 8am last December 5, he started his first ever radio promotions tour in different stations in the city
Wave 88.3, 89.1, Monster 93.1, 95.5 RT
- After that he went to one of the 2 biggest major tv stations ABS-CBN channel 2 for 2 taped interviews, one was for a teen-oriented show and the other was for "Maalala Mo Kaya" (translated in English means "Can You Remember?", which is a show that will depict Billy's life story from when he started in showbusiness until now. His role will be played by young upcoming star Rayver Cruz (who is part of the all-boy group AnimE)
- After that, he had a photo shoot for 2 teen magazines, one is CHALK (a mag for college students) and the other is for PINK (which is where i work for and is a mag for 13-16 yr old girls)
- Then he went to Universal Records (which is the distributor if his record here) and had the media presscon with all the other press
- Then he had to go back to ABS-CBN channel 2 for another barrage of TV guestings in different shows
Showbiz No.1 (a gossip show), Rated K (info-tainment show), Wazzup-Wazzup (Funny News show)
-I was supposed to do my interview during a 30-minuite break in taping but Billy got so tired (altho he never stopped smiling at fans, he was so nice!) that he took a nap in his dressing room and had to be woken up!
- After that was a big dinner at the house of the owner of Universal Dinner, as thanksgiving to Billy, thats where he got to eat his favorite Danggit! (dried fish)
- During the dinner, a popular media figue Tim Yap had another photo shoot for billy, he writes for the Phil. Daily Inquirer (Super section) which is the largest newspaper here.
- The schedule said that billy was supposed to be back at the hotel by 11pm but he got home a little before 1am because of all the delay and traffic.
- On the next day, Billy had a 6am guesting at an early morning show called "Magandang Umaga Bayan" (means "Good Morning Country") where he still had to do 3 dance numbers that early!

INTERACTIVE UPDATES | Posted by at December 10, 2004 | Comments:

I've updated some interactive sections, take part if you haven't done so already:
- Top 3 Big City
- Top 3 Ride
Also, I'm working on a new gallery, so sorry for not updating the "old" one. It will be finished somewhere next week!

LINE-UP NMA | Posted by at December 07, 2004 | Comments:

This hasn't been officially announced yet, by NRJ, but most likely Billy will be giving away an award at the NRJ Music Awards 2005 for "Best New Artist". Please keep in mind that this hasn't been officially announced yet, and the line-up can change any minute. The show will be screened live at the NRJ website.

NRJ MUSIC AWARDS | Posted by at December 07, 2004 | Comments:

Just a reminder! Please vote for Billy at the NRJ Music Awards 2005, best Male International. I know a lot of you people seem to have problems voting, because the site is in French. So just follow these steps:
- Go go: http://www.nrj.fr/awards/awards2005
- Click on "Nomines & Vote" (on the left at the side panel)
- Scroll to: "ARTISTE MASCULIN INTERNATIONAL DE L'ANNEE" and click on "voir" (on the right)
- Billy's picture is at the left, and below the picture it says "vote". Just click on vote & after a while you will get a pop-up which says something like "Thanks for voting" (in french).
Please remember, that you can vote everyday, every houre and every single minute of the day. So if you're bored, just go voting!

PROMO | Posted by at December 06, 2004 | Comments:

I've made 2 promo banners for Billy. Use them to get people to vote for Billy at the NRJ Music Awards 2004. Just link the banners to: http://www.nrj.fr/awards/awards2005/ Thanks..! Click here for banner 1 and here for banner 2!

@BILLYCRAWFORD.ORG MAIL | Posted by at December 05, 2004 | Comments:

Ok, first of all. I'm truly sorry about the "suprise" I was talking about. It's gonna take 2 more days to complete it. Anyway, we're got a new Fan of the Month. Regine. Congratulations!!
NEW TO BC.ORG Every Fan of the Month wins a @billycrawford.org emailaddress. Example [email protected]. This will start in 2005. So nominate yourself as FotM now!

UPDATES | Posted by at December 05, 2004 | Comments:

I've updated a lot of interactive sections and some site stuff, here are all the updated sections. Take part in all of em if you haven't done so already:
- Top 3 Big City
- Top 3 Ride
- Top 3 Billy Crawford
- Link Me Buttons
- Links
- Fan of the Month

Also, I'd like to apologize to everyone who emailed me, but still hasn't heard from me. It's been a little hectic the past few days, so I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

MANDY MOORE | Posted by at December 05, 2004 | Comments:

Mandy recently admitted to have a relationship with Billy Crawford. I really thought this was old news, and most of you already knew, but appearantly not. Anyway, here's what she said:
"Yes. we met on the *NSYNC tour. I was 15, he was 17. It only lasted for a few weeks. What a talented singer he is." - She's definately right about the last part!

NEW | Posted by at December 05, 2004 | Comments:

I just got the following email from Manila, with some news in it!
Hi, I managed to catch billie’s tv appearance last night at 1:15am in the early morn in the show “Master Showman” who’s host is Billie’s showbusiness mentor German Moreno, who used to be the host of “That’s Entertainment”, the show where Biliie practically gew up in! anyway, billie said he’d be having a show at SM Megamall (the biggest mall in asia) at 6pm today (Sunday,Philippine time). On Monday, he gets to meet other members of the press for interviews, photo-ops, etc. Just thought you'd be interested to know.
Thanks so much for letting me know Manila, really appreciate it!

NEW DATA | Posted by at December 04, 2004 | Comments:

Khayce just emailed me some new data for Billy's mall tour & a new TV appearance. Here are the data:
Mall Tour:
SM fairview: December 04, 2004 (4pm)
SM megamall: December 05, 2004 (6pm)

These data are all in Philippine time. Also, Billy will be making a TV appearance on "A.S.A.P." (channel 2- abs-cbn) at December 04, 2004. (around 12-2pm). Thanks so much for letting me know Khayce!

MALL TOUR | Posted by at December 04, 2004 | Comments:

Billy's currently on a Mall Tour in the Philippines. If someone has the dates, please email them to me. Also, if people met him & like to share their pictures with other fans. Feel free to email them to me. The address is: [email protected]! Also, our forum is back up!

NRJ IN THE PARK - AGAIN | Posted by at December 03, 2004 | Comments:

Monday, December 06, MCM will have a program featuring footage from NRJ in the Park. Billy performed there so you might be seeing him on screen. Show starts at 20:45 Europe time.

BACK.. FOR GOOD! | Posted by at December 03, 2004 | Comments:

Ok so we were back, and than we just totally dissapeared again. lol. My host was having some bandwidth problems, but everything's solved now. So, that means we're back, for good this time! Billy is in the Philippines since yesterday and he's appearing on 2 shows tomorrow. The shows are called "MTB" and "EK". He will be staying there till December 08, and I heard he's gonna do lots of promotion in the rest of Europe, so he might be visiting Holland by then. I'll let you know. I'm working on something special for the site. It should be finished tomorrow, so check back soon!




03/03/05 Marseille
04/03/05 Montpellier
06/03/05 Nice
08/03/05 Bruxelles (Belgium)
09/03/05 Lille
10/03/05 Metz
12/03/05 Cean
13/03/05 Orleans
15/03/05 Clermont
16/03/05 Toulouse
17/03/05 Pau
20/03/05 Paris
22/03/05 Lyon
23/03/05 Geneve
25/03/05 Saint Loubes
27/03/05 Rouen

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