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Hellow everyone!

Well, this is the part we're its all about me I guess! Ok, of course this website isn't about me, but I got lost of questions who I am etc etc.. keep on reading for those of you who'd like to get to know me!
I'm Joyce, I just turned 16 years in March and well.. I'm Billy's biggest fan! Ok, everyone's saying that, so I'll just shut up about the 'Being No1 Fan' thing. Met him about 15 times now and all I can say is: WHAT A SWEETHEART!! He's probably the sweetest person I've ever met in my entire life, and I'm definatly planning on meeting him a looooot more in the near future!

One thing that I hear most is: am I going to the upcoming tour? Well, YES! Of course I am! When, where etc..?! I'm going to Lille & Bruxelles. I was planning on doing the whole tour, but that's getting quite expensive, so I'm just sticking with Lille & Bruxelles now!

Personal Info
Name Joyce
Birthday 17/03/1988
Lives in Brummen, Netherlands
Emailaddress [email protected] (msn: [email protected])
Homepage This one!

Fave movie Coyote Ugly, 10 Things I Hate About You, I (Still) Know What You Did Last Summer
Fave song ever (thats a toughie!) Because I Can't answer a Billy song here, it's gotta be: S Club 7 - Never Had A Dream Come True
Fave song at the moment Nelly ft. Jaheim - My Place,
Fave bands Big Brovaz, Liberty X, S Club (7), S Club 8
Fave girlband Clea, Girls Aloud
Fave boyband D-Side, Lyte Funky Ones, V, McFly, Busted
Fave male singer Billy, lol. Robin Zijlstra, David Goncalves, Paolo Meneguzzi
Fave female singer Lorie, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Rachel Stevens

Fave Billy..
Song I Wish
Album Both are amazing, don't really hav a fav
Video Me Passer de Toi / Trackin' (UK Version)
Lyric "Don't Get Me Wrong I'm Not Stalking You" (Gotta Catch Up To You)
Concert Album Launch (Milky Way, Amsterdam Holland)
Meeting Top of the Pops, Hilversum Holland, 2003! We ate pizza's with his dancers and it was just FAB!