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Ok, first of all: I'm not Billy Crawford. For all the Frenchies who still don't understand English *blame you*: Je ne suis pas Billy Crawford! No, that's right. I'm not Billy. So.. that means letters for Billy, emails for Billy, pictures for Billy send to me, will not go to Billy, but to my Trash Emailbox.
Ok, that's about the me-not-being-Billy-thing. Now about all the content of this website. Everything BELONGS to the website. Everything was written by ME & nobody else unless there's a credit line somwhere in an article, newsmessage or whatever. So please, do not copy ANYTHING. Please contact me first! Pictures can be used for personal use however, just not for other websites =D
Ok, now about hot-linking. Yes I know you are out there, hotlinkers! Please stop doing it! It's like stealing, cos you are stealing MY bandwidth. It's the same thing like going to a candystore and putting some lolliepops in your pocket without paying for them. So please just stop doing it. Just make your own free hostingthing at Geocities, Freewebs or CJB and save your images there!
I think that's about it for now. Thanks for reading! =D