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: Thanks so much for all the scanned interviews, you've been a great help! Merci beaucoup!
Shannon: Thanks for the pictures! They're fab! Well, that's it, lol. Many thanks again!
Elise: Thanks for all the HTML/CSS stuff, couldn't have done it without your help! :)
Susannah: Thanks for teaching me Photoshop and PSP! You're a design-miracle, lol :D
Sandy: Thanks so much for all the scans, skins, wallpapers and all the other stuff! You're amazing!
Andy: Thanks for teaching me using layers, CSS etc. Couldn't have done it without your hlep!! TnX!!
Cindy: Merci 4 everything! All the effort you put into this site, wow, it's just amazing! Thanks!
Natalie: Thanks for all your comments on the tagboard / commentboxes. You've put energy into this site it has never felt before, thanks for that! =D