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- Billy's got more then 250 pears of shoes?
- Billy's close friends with Justin and the rest of 'N Sync?
- Billy's ex-girlfriend's called Patricia?
- Billy was engaged to a french singer called Lorie (Laure Pester)?
- Billy's good friends with Lemar ?
- Billy lives in Paris ánd New York?
- Billy doesnt have a bed, but a white coach he sleeps on?
- Billy tries to call his mum every day?
- His ex-girlfriend Patricia cheated on him on her own birthday?
- Billy's best friend's called Joey?
- Billy's first album was called "Billy Crawford"
- Billy absolutely HATES it?
- He thinks he sounds like a porn star in his first single: Urgently In Love?
- Billy has lost one of his best friends when he was young?
- Joey borrowed Billy's car once, and had an accident with it? It was total-loss!
- Billy would love to do a duet with Stevie Wonder?
- If Billy could choose 1 animal he wants to be: it would be a dog?
- Derek from D-Side borrowed Billy's belt, but never gave it back?
- Fabien (SA2), Liberty X and Blue will Billy probably be supporting on the Big City tour?
- There are 4 different versions of his single: Bright Lights?
- Billy's favourite countries to go to are Holland, Paris and America?
- He doesnt like it when people talk about his ears?
- He thinks his ears are huge?
- Billy & Lemar were on The Saturday Show at 'Pick Your Nose' and he thought it was discusting?
- Billy likes going to England too, but he thinks it's freaky to ride at the left side of the road?
- Billy has performed with Michael Jackson at age 14?
- Billy's a huge Michael Jackson fan, but he was too afraid to ask his autograph when he met him?
- Billy knows about this website, and he really likes it?