>> Are you Billy Crawford?
No, I am just a fan, just like you!

>> Are you working for V2 or Billy's management?
Nope, I wish I was! lol! But I don't have anything to do with V2 or his management!

>> Can you give my letter to Billy?
No, sorry. When I'm meeting Billy again, I will arrange something so you guys can send in letters or something. But at the moment I am not accepting letters for Billy!

>> If you aren't Billy, then Who the **** are you?
I am Joyce, 16 years old and I live in Holland, you can read all about me here

>> Can you make me a layout?
If you really want me to, yes I can, but I don't have that much of time, so if you really don't know how to make your own, then I will make you one if you give me the full credit :)

>> Why did you make this fansite?
Because I LOVE Billy! Just like everyone who's reading this probably. I think he's the most talented singer, dancer, actor I've ever met in my entire life. He's just brilliant, I don't know what to say about him lol, I can't describe my feelings for him!

>> Do you wanna be my friend?
All Billy fans are my friend!

>> Can I have your address?
No sorry, you can't. I don't want my address to be on the internet or missused etc, sorry!

>> Why aren't you updating this website every day?
Because I don't have time to update. I am really busy with other stuff and at the moment I am doing the official fansite for someone else as well, so I'm really busy!

>> Can I be co-moderator on this website?
No, you can't. This is MY website and I want it to MY thing, so I won't accept requests for stuff like that. If you have things you may want to add to the website you can always send me an email!

>> Did you make this website yourself?
Yes, I did and I'm proud of it!

>> Can you email me some pictures of Billy?
No sorry, if I have to email you all pix of Billy I won't have time to update the website or other stuff

>> Have you ever met Billy?
Yes I have

>> Can I add you to MSN Messenger?
Yea, of course you can but I'm just warning ya: I'm not online alot! [email protected] is the address!

>> Where do you get all the cool HTML scripts?!

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