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Hellow everyone!

Well, this is the part we're its all about me I guess! Ok, of course this website isn't about me, but I got lost of questions who I am etc etc.. well read about it here is all I can say!
I'm Joyce, I just turned 16 years in March and well.. I'm Billy's biggest fan! Lol! Altho everybody is saying this: but I'm Billy biggest fan! Lol! Met him about 15 times now and all I can say is: WHAT A SWEETHEART!!

One thing that I hear most is: am I going to the upcoming tour? Well, YES! Of course I am! When, where etc..?! I'm not sure yet! Probably Metz, Bruxelles and Paris and Lyon maybe. I just don't know yet. Well, if you're intrested in getting to know me better, just read on! Enjoy! X Joyce, gros bisous to all the Frenchies on here!

Name Joyce de Roos
Birthday 17/03/1988
Lives in Brummen, Netherlands
Emailaddress [email protected]
Homepage ur visiting it at the moment!

Apart from Billy..
Fave movie Coyote Ugly
Fave song ever (thats a toughie!) Billy - I Wish!
Fave song at the moment Jessica Simpson - With You, D-Side - Real World
Fave band Big Brovaz, Liberty X
Fave girlband Clea, Girls Aloud
Fave boyband D-Side, Lyte Funky Ones
Fave male singer Billy of course! :D Derek Moran, David Goncalves, Paolo Meneguzzi
Fave female singer Lorie, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Rachel Stevens

Fave Billy..
Song I Wish
Album Both are amazing, don't really hav a fav
Video Me Passer de Toi / Trackin' (UK Version)
Lyric "Don't Get Me Wrong I'm Not Stalking You" (Gotta Catch Up To You)
Concert Album Launch (Milky Way, Amsterdam Holland)

PS: To everyone who's french:: Please STOP emailing me in French cuz I just DON'T undertstand it! (Je ne parle francais pas! Je ne comprendre Francais pas! Je ne veux lis pas en Francais!)