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29 Janary 2004 // The Exorcist
Ok, When I read this somewhere on the internet I was like: You're kidding me!! But I don't actually think this is a joke. The artical I read was about Billy's part being cut out of the Exorcist. No, I'm not joking around. The exact words were: "Pop singer Billy Crawford's performance has also (supposedly) been written out of the project" How rude is that?! If I get to know who this person is I'm really gonna kick his *ss!! If this is a joke it makes me really sick, but I spose it's true.. :(

29 January 2004 // Fanlisting Updates
Hello everyone, first of all sorry not having updates in such a long time. I've been really busy with a lot of stuff! So: Sorry again! Anyway, I heard there were some problems with the fanlisting. I fixed them now. So go and join! Please read the rules first!! About the whole tour thing: I was soo wrong about Billy coming to Holland! He will be in Holland somewhere between now and September, but when and where? I wish I know! Sorry if I gave you all the wrong idea. Got to go now, check back for more updates later! Take care!

19 January 2004 // Fanlisting
Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that the fanlisting is finally back online! Everyone needs to submit their names again!! So even if you were on the list - please submit again!! Cos I lost all old data and I don't know hot to get it back!The "submit fan of the month-form" is also edited, it's so much better now! Enjoy!

13 January 2004 // Big City Tour
The Kickoff for the European tour will be 8 October in Paris (Zenith). After Paris Billy will be doing Munchen, Koln, Rotterdam, Bruxelles and lots of other places. It's gonna be awesome! I'll let you know as soon as there's more news! Stay tuned!

12 January 2004 // Album/Single update
Hi everyone! Ok, got some really good news about the single!! Billy's been really busy recording the new album in the USA + London. He's been working with several producers. Some of them are Redzone, Kovas Myvett, Desmond Childs, Darren Hall. But that's not all of course. The single will be on radio in France since Mars 2004, and the album is due for summer 2004. The songs will be in RnB and Urban style! It's gonna be awesome! Billy's been composing and writing for the new album as well. So I know we have to wait for a really long time - but it's coming closer! Yay!

10 January 2004 // The Exorcist
Hi everyone! Well after you guys just EXPLODE my inbox of Hotmail asking for the URL of the Exorcist Website: here it is! http://exorcistthebeginning.warnerbros.com The website isn't really online, but well.. the beginning is there!! Anyway, my mate met Billy a few days ago and Billy told her that he's gonna do lots of promotion in Europe before the tour starts. So that means he'll probably come to Holland, Germany, the UK and well.. France of course! But since he's spending 24/7 there I don't think you're really THAT intrested! lol! Just Keep on trackin'!

09 January 2004 // Fan of the Month
Added a new "fan" for Fan of the Month today! The official website for The Exorcist is online since a few days, so that means the release date is coming closer and closer! Still have to wait for a few more months! If there's still someone who would like to become fan of the month: submit ur name + details now!

08 January 2004 // Sorry!
OMG guys I'm soo sorry for not having updates in the past couple of days. I've been really busy with lots of stuff, but to make it up to you: I made a new layout for the website. Hope you like it! It's quite diffent then all the others we've had so far!
Added a new drawning send in by Mandy (thanks girl!) and new pictures/site/fan/mp3 of the month. Enjoy!




03/03/05 Marseille
04/03/05 Montpellier
06/03/05 Nice
08/03/05 Bruxelles (Belgium)
09/03/05 Lille
10/03/05 Metz
12/03/05 Cean
13/03/05 Orleans
15/03/05 Clermont
16/03/05 Toulouse
17/03/05 Pau
20/03/05 Paris
22/03/05 Lyon
23/03/05 Geneve
25/03/05 Saint Loubes
27/03/05 Rouen

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