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31 December 2003 // Happy New Year!
Ok, I know it's still 40 minutes to early, but I would like to wish you all a very happy new year! Hopefully this year will bring you strenght, health and well, what can I say: make this year unforgetable! See you in 2004, cus the BC gang will keep on trackin'!

26 December 2003 // Updates
Added a new award for the winners of "Site of the Month"! This month we've got www.kenekila.net, next Site of the Month will be up 1 January 2004 Ok, what else, I've added 5 news button (100x35) for linkage, please link us if you haven't yet!

25 December 2003 // New Layout + Merry Xmas!!
Hi everyone! We're (finally) back with a new layout! I really hope you like it! Well, Merry X-Mas to you all! Hope you get lots of gifts and enjoy yourselfs!! Bye! xx
Added: New affiliate (SBUK), pictures of Radio 538 + new layout!

18 December 2003 / Tour
Ok, there are some confirmed tourdates for the Tour Billy's going to do in September. Please go to the tourdata-section to view them. Really hope you're going cos wouldn't it be great for Billy if the whole tour was solded out?! Exactly! I'm going 2ce so hope you'll be doing the same! If you're going: have a great time!

12 December 2003 / Fanlisting
I've added some new pictures for the fanlisting. If you have joined the fanlisting please add one of the new buttons to your website and link them back to this website! I would really appreciate it, I'm linking you - so please link me back!

07 December 2003 / 3 Wishes
Arrgh I'm really not sure about 3 wishes any more, cus yes it's a new Billy track, but the new single? Im not so sure any more!! The new album is almost done and within 1 month they're gonna pick a 1st single. Is that going to be 3 Wishes? I dunno - but I sure hope so, cus it's a great track! I'll let you know more soon! New layout's online today - hope you like it!

04 December 2003 / TV
Ok, first of all: Malika will be on Star Academy this saturday, well that's what I've heard!! Make sure you watch it if you have TF1! Billy was supposed to be on the show too, but it's cancalled unfortunately!! Ok, what else.. site will have some more updates later on tonight, so stay tuned, probably new layout as well! You'll see what's going to happen with the site.. I promise it's going to look awesome!




03/03/05 Marseille
04/03/05 Montpellier
06/03/05 Nice
08/03/05 Bruxelles (Belgium)
09/03/05 Lille
10/03/05 Metz
12/03/05 Cean
13/03/05 Orleans
15/03/05 Clermont
16/03/05 Toulouse
17/03/05 Pau
20/03/05 Paris
22/03/05 Lyon
23/03/05 Geneve
25/03/05 Saint Loubes
27/03/05 Rouen

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