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30 August 2004 // New wallpaper!
Added 1 new wallpaper to the site. Hope you all like it! I recently bought 25 MB for the site, so you can be expecting a lot of new files like screensavers, winampskins, etc soon!
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29 August 2004 // Site updates
Added 2 new winampskins & 7 avatars. New month starts within a few days, that means we will have a new Fan of the Month soon. Don't forget to nominate yourself if you haven't done so already! I'm also looking for people who'd like to review one of Billy's song. Click here for more information!
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28 August 2004 // Not much news..
Hey everyone, sorry for not updating yesterday, I've been terribly busy with other stuff. Anyway, added 1 new link & some new "Top 3" posts by fans. Make sure to check 'em out. Also added 1 member to the fanlisting. I've recently opened a new fanlisting for the Christina Milian song; Whatever U Want. Make sure you JOIN it! Thanks!
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26 August 2004 // NRJ Awards 2002 & 2003

It's not much, but I've added new pictures of the NRJ Awards of 2002 & 2003, hope you like 'em! :)
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25 August 2004 // Big City Cover + Audio Samples

Finally! The cover of "Big City" is here! Sorry for the bad quality, I'll to scan a higher quality cover as soon as possible!! You can now listen to ALL the songs of Big City, if you live in France. It's very easy, just click here for more info. Once again: FRANCE ONLY!
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25 August 2004 // Tracklisting!
Ok, I posted a rare tracklisting before, this was not the official one. I'm not sure if this one is, but I thought I'd share it with you all! :)
01: Steamy Nights
02: Bright Lights
03: Candy Store
04: Magazine
05: 3 Wishes
06: Oh Dear
07: Surrender
08: Know You Wanna
09: Why
10: Jump Off
11: Hiccupes
12: Cowboy
13: Go On Girl
14: Go Go
This would mean, there are no such tracks as Randy and/or Hicks Up. I don't know who spread this rumor into the world, but I can tell you now there are no such tracks as Randy or Hicks Up!
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25 August 2004 // Pre-order a copy of "Big City" now!
As we all know, 13 September Billy is releasing his new album: Big City. There's a normal version & a special DVD version. You can now pre-order the album online. If you live in France click here & if you live in Holland (Netherlands) click here. At the French website, you can also pre-order Billy's new single Bright Lights.
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25 August 2004 // Billy's new video on M6!
The new video of Billy Crawford "Bright Lights" has been released today on M6! Sorry I didn't tell you before, I just didn't know. The musicvideo will be hitting all the other musicchannels soon, so keep an eye on MTV FR, M6, Hitmachine etc! This is only for France unfortunately, I have no idea when the video will launch in other countries!
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25 August 2004 // BillyCrawford.org in a magazine!
BillyCrawford.org recently was featured in a magazine! To view a scan, please click here
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24 August 2004 // Moving to America?
Billy recently said he'd like to move back to America. He totally had it with France, after his break up with Lorie. "I'd like to stay in Europe, but moving back to America would be great, it's been ages ago since I was there & I'd love to go back", is what he said. More news soon!
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23 August 2004 // Tracklisting?
This might be the new tracklisting for Billy's album. It's not confirmed yet, so it's just a rumor! Anyway, it's exclusive to BC.org, so please do not copy!
01: Bright Lights (Original Version)
02: Magazine
03: 3 Wishes
04: Jump Off
05: Surrender
06: Steamy Nights
07: Oh Dear
08: Candy Store
09: Hicks Up
10: Randy
11: Hiccupes
12: Someone Like You (New Version)
13: Bright Lights (Rap Version)
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23 August 2004 // Gallery updates
Added lots of new pictures & magazine scans to the gallery. Make sure to check 'em out, most pictures are exclusive to BC.org - you will not find them anywhere else! Updated Galleries are: Magazines; Salut, Magazines; Star Look, Promo; Unknown (2 sections), Musicvideo; Bright Lights (Behind The Scenes), Promo; Big City. ENJOY!
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23 August 2004 // Layout Change!
Since I got my hands on some really cool new promo pictures, I decided to make a full layout of it. I hope you like the new style, the pictures will be added to the gallery within a few minutes! :)
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23 August 2004 // New Tatoo
Billy recently got a new tatoo! If you'd like to see the tattoo + a full report of Billy 'getting' the tatoo, go to the gallery & go the magazine-section. Hitmachine Girl has a full report of it and scans can be found in the gallery. Like his tatoo? Or hate it? Let us know in the comment box / tagboard!
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23 August 2004 // Updates!
I'm back from my vacation, it was absolutely brilliant! I've added some new pictures of Billy's new video: Bright Lights. I read some of your comments on the tagboard saying if the girl in the video is Billy's new girlfriend. Well, no, she's not. She's just an 'actress', she also appeared in the "Beatiful" video of Pharrell & Snoop Dogg. Hope you like the pictures, they can be found in the gallery under Musicvideos.
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13 August 2004 // Vacation!
Hey everyone, I'm going on vacation for the upcoming 1 or 2 weeks, so that means I will not be able to update the site. For the latest news go the Official French Forum which is updated regulary. I'll try to find an internet cafe or whatever & add some news of Billy to the forums. See you all whenever I get back! Till then, join the fanlisting, sign the guestbook & join our forums & post messages! Bye! XX Joyce -- PS: My inbox will be full of emails when I get back, so please be patient if you won't hear from me within a few days. I'll reply to everyone whenever I have time!
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13 August 2004 // "Randy"
"Randy" might be a possible new track for Billy's new album. Billy has recently recorded a lot of new songs (about 30) and Randy is one of 'em. I'm not a 100% sure if it's going to be on the album, however it will be a B-Side on the 2nd or 3rd single.
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12 August 2004 // Not much news
Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated the site yesterday. There's not much news around Billy to be honest. The past few days he did some interviews for a few magazines, so you can expect him to be in the magazines again soon! Check ou the new French magazine 'Salut' who has some exclusive pictures & info about Billy's video for Bright Lights. Added some avatars & a few old pictures to the gallery. Enjoy!
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10 August 2004 // Fans Section
I've added some Song Reviews & some new submitting favourite tracks by fans. Don't hestitate to submit your own Top 3!
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10 August 2004 // Tourdates
As some of you might know, Billy cancelled a lot of tourdates + replaced them to 2005. To view the full tourdate schedule, please click here. Tickets can be bought at Fnac.fr
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10 August 2004 // New pictures added
I've added some new pictures to the Gallery. It's not much, but at least it's something, right? Updated galleries are:
- Lorie Tour
- New Woman Beauty Awards
- Appearances: Misc
- TFM Roadshow
- NRJ Awards 2002
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10 August 2004 // Review of 'Big City'
According to a review I recently read on the internet, Big City is going to be best album released in France for the year 2004. Check the review out yourself by clicking here
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9 August 2004 // New section!
I've added a new section to the Fans section. It's called 'Top 3'. It's just a fun-thing where you can submit your favourite songs of Billy, and check out if there are more fans who already have favourite tracks on the album. The idea comes from Sexy Stevens. Don't hestitate to submit your own songs! Also added the 'Past Layouts' section. I'm trying to get everything back online, so please be patient!
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8 August 2004 // Newsupdates
Hope you all like the new songs! I've just received an email from someone saying that 3 Wishes will be the new single for Billy Crawford in the UK. The single will be released somewhere in November. Let's hope it's going to be a huge hit! Billy also recently changed the release date for his album Big City. The new date is 13 September (France only). There's also a new track confirmed, called 'Candy Store'. Billy might also be releasing a DVD of the Big City tour + a live album of the Big City tour. In January he might be releasing a Special Edition of Big City with Me Passer De Toi + 2 new tracks + bonusmaterial on it. If that wasn't enough, there's going to be a Greatest Hits album end 2005, with all the big hits (Trackin', When You Think About Me, Me Passer de Toi etc) on it.
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8 August 2004 // We're back!
Hello everyone, as promised, the site is back up. Relaunched with a new layout & lots of new *exlusive* stuff on Big City! First of all, I'm happily to announce we are the first Billy Crawford fansite to give you a sneak preview of 7 new songs of Big City. Click right, save target as to download the song. They're in MP3 format, 192 KBPS
01 - Bright Lights
02 - 3 Wishes
03 - Steamy Nights
04 - Surrender
05 - Oh Dear
06 - Magazine
07 - Hiccupes
There is a lot of new content added, too much to mention right here. Just browse through the site & check it out! Enjoy!
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2 August 2004 // New affiliates!
Added new affiliates, welcome to Angel Via & Love Destiny. The site might go on a short hiatus for a while, because I'm working on lots of new content + as you all know I'm using HTML at the moment, and I'd like to convert everything to PHP, just because it's easier to edit for me + you guys wont have the annoying scrollboxes any more.
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1 August 2004 // Small updates
Added 2 new affiliates, a few new links and new Link-Me buttons. I'm still having major computer problems. Hopefully everything will be solved within a few days. The tagboard also doesn't seem to be working. Hopefully the server will be back up soon!
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03/03/05 Marseille
04/03/05 Montpellier
06/03/05 Nice
08/03/05 Bruxelles (Belgium)
09/03/05 Lille
10/03/05 Metz
12/03/05 Cean
13/03/05 Orleans
15/03/05 Clermont
16/03/05 Toulouse
17/03/05 Pau
20/03/05 Paris
22/03/05 Lyon
23/03/05 Geneve
25/03/05 Saint Loubes
27/03/05 Rouen

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