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29 April 2004 // News alert!
Just got this message from V2; Click!

27 April 2004 // Avatar and AIM codes
Added over 20 new avatars and AIM codes, hope you like 'em, enjoy!

27 April 2004 // New Layout
Wahey! We've got a new layout (again), I absolutely love it, hope you do the same, lol. NJOY! It's almost time for the month May, so that means we will have a new Fan of the Month within a few days, which could be you! Join here

26 April 2004 // Updates
Hey everyone, sorry for not updating the past 2 days, I've been really busy! Anyway, added a new Site of the Week + new Artist of the Week, enjoy!

23 April 2004 // New stuff
Added a few new links to the website, Billy releated and non-Billy related links, go check 'em out!

22 April 2004 // Latest news on the album
Just some short news on the new album; Billy has recorded over 87 songs for the new album! When I first found out I was like: Whoo! That's A LOT! LOL! Anyway, we will be able to expect something really different, but really cool from him. The single will be released in MAY according to Star Magazine. Let's hope it's true this time!

22 April 2004 // New fanlistings
Check out the new fanlistings I've just joined!

21 April 2004 // Fanlisting System
Hey everyone, just a quick note from me here. We've got a new fanlisting system, It's much easier for me to add and edit members now, so to everyone who hasnt joined yet; please do so, I would really appreciate it! :)

21 April 2004 // Wallpapers
Added 2 new wallpapers, enjoy!

20 April 2004 // Exorcist News!
Just found this on Yahoo/Captain Howdy, thanks guys!

Believed dead and buried, Paul Schrader's Exorcist prequel is to be released on DVD, according to a report in Variety. Schrader's $35m (20m) version of Exorcist: The Beginning was allegedly judged to be "not scary enough" by backers Morgan Creek, who fired him and took the unprecedented decision to shoot the entire film again with a new director, Renny Harlin. Harlin's version will be released in US cinemas in June, and both versions will eventually sit alongside each other on a double-disc DVD. The decision is a vindication for Schrader, who has always argued that his Exorcist deserves to be seen. "In the end it's still a revenue stream," he told the Guardian last month. "And all revenue streams eventually reach the sea."

So, this would actually mean that Billy's foreign-movie debut IS going to be released on a DVD! YAY!

20 April 2004 // Artist of the Week
Added a new Artist of the Week, the very 1st one! Wanna know who it is? Just click here for more info!

19 April 2004 // Site of the Week
Added a new site of the Week, congrats to Emilie Online! Also added 1 new affiliate, welcome to Shine on Hilary!

17 April 2004 // Fanlistings
Check out the new fanlistings I've just joined!

17 April 2004 // AIM Codes
Added about 10 new AIM codes, here's a sneak preview, for more codes click here

17 April 2004 // New affiliate
Added 1 new wonderful Affiliate: Clea-online.co.uk

16 April 2004 // VOTE!
Hey everyone, just a quick reminder: You can still vote for this website at the Celebrinet Top 100. If you like this website, please click the button below! I would really appreciate it, thanks!

16 April 2004 // 2 May
2 May, Billy will be performing at a place called 'l'Hippodrome de Vincennes' in Paris. Show starts at 3 oclock, and ends at 3:30, to everyone's who's going: have a great time!

15 April 2004 // Gallery
Added some new pictures to our Gallery, updated Galleries: GAY/LX Tour/Greenbackground and Star Academy. Enjoy! Go to Gallery!

15 April 2004 // Links
Added a new link to the links-section: Jolina Online, welcome! I'm still looking for people who would like to review a song of Billy's album, please click here for more details!

14 April 2004 // New layout!
Finally, we have a new layout! Hope you all like it, enjoy the new avatars! :)

14 April 2004 // Updates
Billy appeared in a French magazine called 'Star Plus'. Scans can be found right here, enjoy! Added 1 new affiliate, and 2 avatars. Also added a new Site of the Week, congratulations to Hilary Online!

11 April 2004 // Scans
Billy appeared in a Dutch magazine this week. It's called 'Hitkrant'. Scans can be found here

11 April 2004 // Happy Easter!
Hey Everyone, just wanted to say HAPPY EASTER to ya'll!! Hope you get lots of eggs, have a great time! Added a new layout to the fanlisting, that's it for now.

10 April 2004 // Fanlisting
Added all new member to the Fanlisting, welcome!

10 April 2004 // Updates
Check out our new affiliates + the new fanlisting's I've joined. Also added new buttons for linkage.

9 April 2004 // New Layout
Hey everyone, as you all can see we've got a new layout again! Hopefully you will all like it. Check out the new avatars + blends, they're awesome:)

8 April 2004 // Steeling
Hey everyone, just a quick note from me here. I just wanted to say that I feel TERRIBLE about the whole 'copying' thing. I see all the exclusive news on other websites, without giving credit. Some sites ARE giving credit, but most of them are not. Please people: when you're reading this and you know I'm talking about you here: Please put up a small link back to BillyCrawford.org. I would really appreciate it, thanks.
I will be updating the website a lot more tomorrow with brand new avatars and stuff like that, so stay tuned!

7 April 2004 // Gallery
Added a few new pictures of the Pokemon Premiere + Fiesta Filipina to the Gallery, NJOY!

5 April 2004 // Site of the Week
Added a new Site of the Week, Congratulations to Lorie4ever.com!

5 April 2004 // Fanlisting
Added 1 new member to the fanlisting, welcome!!

3 April 2004 // Affiliates
Welcome to our new affiliate: RonFansite.nl!

3 April 2004 // The interviews..
A lot of you people are like: Omg the interviews don't work. Don't worry, cos they are. The only you might be having is this error: Site TEMPORARILY Unavailable. This means theres a problem with our server, please try again within 1 of 2 hours. For all the people who don't wanna wait that long: click here

2 April 2004 // Of the Month..
We've got a new fan of the Month.. Karina! Congratulations Girl! Also added a new mp3 of the Month: When You're In Love With Someone!

1 April 2004 // Télé Star Interview
As told before, Billy appears in a French magazine called Télé Star this week. Scans can be found here and here, thanks to 'coolnat' at our forum! (Merci a coolnat!) There might be some troubles viewing the website, cus the uploading of the new layout didn't really went as it should be, so if there are any troubles, please contact me or leave a message at our forum

1 April 2004 // New layout
As you've all might have seen.. we've got a new layout! I will be changing the Picture/mp3 and fan of the month later on tonight, so stay tuned!




03/03/05 Marseille
04/03/05 Montpellier
06/03/05 Nice
08/03/05 Bruxelles (Belgium)
09/03/05 Lille
10/03/05 Metz
12/03/05 Cean
13/03/05 Orleans
15/03/05 Clermont
16/03/05 Toulouse
17/03/05 Pau
20/03/05 Paris
22/03/05 Lyon
23/03/05 Geneve
25/03/05 Saint Loubes
27/03/05 Rouen

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