- Why Another Fansite?

Ok, as most of you guys know I had another fanclub about Billy (still have it!) called **BillyCrawford**, hosted at a Dutch Fanclub Company. My host decided I had to pay to make + update a club, and I was like: what's going on man? I really didn't want my visitors and members to pay for joining a Fanclub, cus I think that's just crap!

Anyway, I made a small website with not too much visitors on Geocities called Billy Crawford Forever. In the beginning I didn't know a damn thing about HTML, CSS etc. So, well, it looked really awful lol.

Well, some people where like: if you want I can make you an layout, and gave me the tip to download Macromedia Dreamweaver, which I got a few days later and it was brilliant! The first look wasn't that good, but way better than the old ones.

The site grow and grow, and that's when I was like: I need a real domainname. And well, here it is:! Hope you all like it!