Fan of the Month
June 2004

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1) What's your name? saida Nessa

2) Where you from? Philippines, manila(but now in U.K)

3) How old are you? 13

4) How long have you been fan of Billy? Ever since i've seen the video 2 Trakin.

5) Have you ever met Billy or saw him in concert? No, but i would LOVE 2

6) What's your fave Billy-song? Trakin-cuz its 1 big party and the dances r wicked and the songs gr8!

7) What's your fave Billy-album? RIDE-cuz its the best album i've ever bought and the songs r just soooooooooooo nice and even sum non-billy fans like his songs in ride!

8) What's your fave Billy-videoclip? Trakin-cuz it has wicked dances and makes me move alot and the song is really good, You didnt expect that-cuz the song is GR8!!!!!!! and the dance moves r soo cool and it like totaly blows away Justim Timberlake's moves and is really close 2 Michael Jackson's.

9) Do you like any other artists? yeh, but BC's DEFINITLY No.1!!!!!!!

10) Anything else to say? I think BC is the most greatest singer i've like ever seen and he is so talented and a wicked dancer!!!!!

11) If people would like to contact you, what emailaddress can they use? PRIVATE