Billy Crawford

- "Did you get your arse kicked? What did you say? Did I get my ass kicked?
Yes. Did you? No! (laughs) "

- "Are you addicted to something? Oh yes, shoes!
How many have you got? 193 or something
What do you do with thát many shoes? I wear them!"

- Don't get me wrong I'm not stalking you

- What kind of animal would you be? You can only pick one!
If I would have been an animal?
Probably a dog
Cos I like to wag!

- It was really cool to be nominated at the NRJ Awards 2003, when they were presenting the award I was about to stand up for Robbie Williams.. when they called my name!

- What I say and do should matter, not what I wear or look like

- I get to be free on stage. I love dancing!

- I never took dance-lessons on the beginning. I just watched Michael Jackson.. a lot!

- My choreographer was gone suddently, and that's where they brought in Gio. I was like.. ok.. until I saw him dancing and stretching! Since then we havent been apart!

- You don't HAVE to buy my album and you dont HAVE to come to my concerts. But you betta beware if you don't!!