Why did you make a fanlisting for Billy Crawford?
I made this fanlisting, cos, well.. I'm a huge fan of Billy Crawford! Lol that's actually the main reason! I started with a fansite first, which had a fanlist on the site, but since every website has got a real fanlisting, I started my own! I really hope you like it, and will submit your details!

What is a fanlisting anyway?!
A fanlisting is a list of fans from a subject/person. In this case Billy Crawford. People submit their names + info and will be added to a list of all fans all over the world. Emailadresses are included, so you can even email people and get in touch with other fans!

Part of..
This website is part of the website BillyCrawford.org. There are many fanlistings on the website, and you can join all of 'em if you want!