28 September 2004 // Back to the USA?
Billy recently said he'd like to move back to USA & have a succesfull carreer there. A good friend of mine, Dale from our wonderful affiliate Sexy Stevens saw Billy's video "Bright Lights" on a TV Show called Crossing Jordan last night. I know Billy still has got a lots of fans in America, so let's hope he's gonna release Bright Lights there! I'll keep you up to date on this. If there's anyone else who has more news on this, please let me know. I will give you full credit. I also got the "100% Billy Crawford Special" magazine, and I will be adding scans of it tomorrow. Also, scans of the "Bright Lights" will be online tomorrow, so stay tuned! :)
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27 September 2004 // New data
Here are some new TV appearances by Billy Crawford:
September 29, 2004 - Top Of The Pops (France 2)
October 1st, 2004 - Star Academy (TF1)
France only!! Billy will be performing his new single "Bright Lights" on Top of the Pops.
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24 September 2004 // Even more pictures!
I've added even more pictures, updated galleries are:
- TMF Awards 2002
- CD Artwork; Big City
- Promo; Big City
Enjoy the new pictures!:)
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24 September 2004 // New pictures added!
I've added tons of new *exclusive* pictures to the Gallery. Updated galleries are:
- M6 Webchat
- Sans Interdit Webchat
- Magazines: Star Club
- Magazines: Prime Grand
Hope you all like the pictures, enjoy! :)
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21 September 2004 // NRJ In the Park
Ok, as promised, I made a short review of last weekend in Charleroi. If you'd like to know what exactly happend, just click here. Also added 1 new affiliate. Welcome to Tim Cruz!
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20 September 2004 // I'm back! :)
Hey everyone =D Well, I'm back from NRJ in the Park & it was awesome! Billy performed the video version of his new single "Bright Lights", which is in stores TODAY. So make sure you get a copy. A report of "meeting Billy" will be online tomorrow or later on tonight :)
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17 September 2004 // Webchat / Offline
Well, a lot of people didn't get to log on to the webchat yesterday. I don't know why the chatbox didn't work for most people. Billy'd like to say thanks to everyone who came to the chat. He really appreciates all the support! I made some screenshots of Billy behind the webcam, but I can't upload them because Photobucket is having server problems. They will be up by the end of the weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to Belgium to see Billy at "NRJ at the Park", so, I won't be updating the website. To everyone's who's going there too: have a great time! C u all whenever I get back =D
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16 September 2004 // Live webchat Reminder!!
Hey everyone! Just a quick reminder to tell you about the live webchat at m6music.fr. Chat starts 18:00 Europe time!
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15 September 2004 // Live webchat!
Billy will be doing a live webchat this thursday at m6music.fr. You can find him in the chatbox at 18:00 till 19:00. The chat will probably be in FRENCH
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14 September 2004 // Album sales
Well, Billy released his 3rd album yesterday & all I can say is: it's doing really well! The album already got GOLD & is expected to get platinum soon. If you still haven't got a copy yet, make sure you get it on amazon, Ebay, Bol.com, Fnac or wherever - as long as you get it! I've added new pictures of the TMF Awards 2002, so yes, they're pretty old. Enjoy! :)
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12 September 2004 // Lyrics update
I've added the lyrics to "Surrender" and I will be adding more lyrics later on tonight or tomorrow. The release for Bright Lights has been posponed again. It will be out the 20th of September. I've also added a new poll so please vote! :)
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11 September 2004 // Gallery updates
Added even more pictures to the gallery today. Updated galleries are:
Musicvideo; Supernatural
Musicvideo; Urgently In Love
Musicvideo: Bright Lights
Captures; MTV Awards 1995
Promo; Bravo
Enjoy the new pictures!
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11 September 2004 // Know You Wanna Lyrics
I've added the lyrics to "Know You Wanna" from the Big City album. I think these are the right words, but if I made any mistakes please feel free to correct me! :) I'll be adding all the other lyrics of the Big City album tonight. If you have any lyrics of the album yourself, don't hestitate to mail them to me: [email protected]. Thanks in advance! :)
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10 September 2004 // Big City Mp3 download
I KNOW you've all been waiting for this moment, and I'm very proud of myself *lol* to be the FIRST Billy Crawford Fansite to give you a preview of ALL the 15 tracks, yes, including the "intro", of the Big City album. Just click on a link below & download the tracks. Enjoy listening! Please note these are NOT full tracks. Buy the album monday if you want to listen to the full tracks, thank you :)
01 - Intro
02 - Steamy Nights
03 - Bright Lights
04 - Candy Store
05 - Magazine
06 - 3 Wishes
07 - Oh Dear
08 - Surrender
09 - Know You Wanna
10 - Why
11 - Jump Off
12 - Hiccupes
13 - Cowboy
14 - Go'n Girl
15 - Go Go (ft. Kelli)
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09 September 2004 // Even more screenshots!
I've added some new screenshots of the Bright Lights video, this bring us to a total of 141 screenshots! I'm sorry for the bad quality, as soon as I get a higher resolution video, I'll be adding HQ screenshots! :) Also added some pictures of the Pokemon Premiere (yes, they're very old!) and some pictures of Billy's performance of "Bright Lights" at 2M a few days ago. Hope you all like 'em! :)
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08 September 2004 // New layout! :)
Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates we've had the past few days. School has started & I'm terribly busy with that, so sorry I didnt add pictures or whatever. Anyway, as you all can see I tried to make it up to you by adding a new layout. Hope you all like it. Don't forget to buy "Bright Lights" & "Big City" Monday Sep 13, 2004!
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04 September 2004 // Bright Lights Video Screenshots!
Another BC.org Exclusive! We're the first BC fansite to give you some awesome screenshots of his new video. I've already added 60 screenshots to the gallery & I'm gonna add lots more tonight. Just go to our Gallery to view 'em!
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03 September 2004 // New "Big City" pictures!
I TOTALLY forgot to tell you, but I've added some new Big City promo-pictures this morning. Hope you all like 'em! :) Also added some avatars.

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03 September 2004 // New layout coming up + new Mp3 of the Month!
I've just added a new MP3 of the Month. This month I chose "Shadow" by Ashlee Simpson. It's her new single & I think she's a great artist! Hope you all like her new song, don't forget to buy it when it's out! I'm working on a new layout with screencaps from the Bright Lights video. I think it will be online tomorrow or sunday.
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03 September 2004 // Tracklisting Big City CD/DVD
Ok, we already got the Bright Lights tracklisting. Here is the tracklisting for the CD/DVD, better known as the "Limited Edition", too. :)
01: Steamy Nights
02: Bright Lights
03: Candy Store
04: Magazine
05: 3 Wishes
06: Oh Dear
07: Surrender
08: Know You Wanna
09: Why
10: Jump Off
11: Hiccupes
12: Cowboy
13: Go On Girl
14: Go Go (Bonustrack ft. Kelli "Liberty X")
15: EPK Video Documentary
16: Bright Lights Video
17: Photogallery

So, the "normal" CD only contains 13 tracks (#1 to #13) NOT the track with Kelli from Liberty X. Make sure you all get the DVD/CD & CD version. It's worth the money! :)
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03 September 2004 // Tracklisting Bright Lights
Here's the tracklisting for Billy's new single "Bright Lights", out Sep 13. Don't forget to get a copy when it's out!
01: Bright Lights (Radio Edit)
02: Bright Lights (Club Mix)
03: Bright Lights (Video)
04: Bright Lights (Opendisc Extra)
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02 September 2004 // DVD & CD Cover!
**EXCLUSIVE** -- I finally got my hands on some higher quality scans of the Big City covers of the CD & DVD. Click here for the CD cover, and here for the DVD. Doesn't he look extremely hot? That's it for now, I'll be adding more updates tonight or tomorrow :)
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