28 May 2004 // New Live Data
Added some new data to the 'Tourdates' section. Including upcoming released, tv data and live data. Enjoy! Click here

28 May 2004 // Bright Lights - The FULL (CD Quality) Mp3
A full version of Bright Lights can be downloaded at the official french site. Enjoy listening :)

28 May 2004 // Brandy ft. Billy Crawford
Just found this on the internet, I know it's in French, but since Billy's got a lot of French fans, hopefully someone will be able to translate this. (If you can translate this, please email the full ENGLISH artical to [email protected] - Thanks!

Brandy nous revient avec un nouvel album le 29 juin et Billy Crawford sera de retour au mois d'Août... L'été s'annonce déjà très chaud!
Après le gros succès de l'album Full Moon avec plus d'un million d'albums vendus, Brandy fait son retour en pleine forme dans les bacs avec un album au nom qui peut nous laisser rêveur, Afrodisiac, qui sortira le 29 juin prochain. Pour cet opus, elle change de maître en remplaçant Rodney Jerkins par Timbaland et s'offre un duo avec le rappeur Kanye West, qui sera d'ailleurs le premier single issu de l'album. On peut aussi retrouver avec surprise le groupe Coldplay participant à un morceau de l'album.
Pour Billy Crawford aussi, tout va très bien puisqu'il sort un nouvel album au mois d'août. Ce nouvel opus s'intitulant Big City, est plutôt prometteur, à en juger par ses producteurs : Desmond Child, ayant déjà travaillé avec Ricky Martin et Cher ou encore Redzone qui a participé au dernier album de Britney Spears. Le premier single, Bright Lights, sortira courant juillet. Alors qui des deux chanteurs sera la star de l'été 2004 ? A suivre...

26 May 2004 // Big City
It's confirmed! (Finally!) The new Billy album 'Big City' will be released 23 August. Ok, I know, we will have to wait for a long, BUT this blows all the rumors about the 'Billy's being dropped' etc away! YAY! Go Billy! lol ;)

25 May 2004 // Of the Week..
Added a new Site of the Week + a new Artist of the Week. I'm revamping the whole site a lil bit intern, you shouldn't notice this while visiting the site. But I thought I'd just let you know this :) Also joined new fanlistings

25 May 2004 // Wallpapers
Added some really gorgeous wallpapers! Many thanks so Sandy again! U ROCK!

22 May 2004 // Winampskins!
Added about 12 new Winampskins! Hopefully you all like it. I think they're gorgeous!! lol! Thanks so much to Sandy at Soo-Scandalous.net! You're the best! :)

20 May 2004 // MP3's
Just wanted to let everyone know that ALL the mp3s are currently offline and NOT available for downloading. I'm truly sorry, but I'm moving them to a better and faster server. Hopefully everything will be back online sunday. Sorry for the delays we've had lately!

18 May 2004 // New avatars + Affiliate
Added 8 new avatars and 1 new affiliate!

17 May 2004 // Joss Stone & New mp3
Joss Stone is a new singer, who has just released her 2nd single Super Duper Love. I think she's amazing, that's why I made her Artist of the Week :) She also got a really cool fansite, Joss-Stone.net, which is Site of the Week this week! And do you guys remember the commercial Billy did for the Anti-Smoking thing? No? Shame on you! Clear up your mind by listening to the new mp3!

17 May 2004 // Blend
Hey everyone, hope you all had a great time yesterday! I've added a new blend to the Fans section. I think it looks gorgeous, so go check it out! :)

16 May 2004 // Scans Star Look
Thanks to CoolNat we have the scans of Star Look, a magazine Billy appeared in this week! Thanks so much! Merci a toi! Click here for the scans! :)

16 May 2004 // Credits
Opened a credit section, at the WWW!

Yes, that's right. Today, May 16 2004, it's Billy's birthday! That means Billy turned 22 today! Who! I wanna wish Billy a very happy birthday. Hopefully he will get time to spend with family and friends + gets loadza gifts, hehe ;) To all the fans: Have great day! I will be adding the lyrics to Bright Lights within a few days.. stay tuned! :)

14 May 2004 // New Layout
The new layout is online! Hope you all like the sunny colours - I do! Enjoy and please let me know what you think of it, by tagging our tagboard or signing our guestbook! Tnx!

14 May 2004 // Blends
Added a new blend to the blendsection, enjoy! I'm working on a new layout at the moment, I don't know when It's gonna be finished yet, but we'll see, I can tell ya it's gonna be awesome, lol :)

11 May 2004 // Artist of the Week
Added a new Artist of the Week, enjoy! Congrats to Hilary Duff!

10 May 2004 // Site of the Week
Added a new Site of the Week, congrats to AaliyahUnlimited.com! I will be adding a new Artist of the Week later on tonight.

10 May 2004 // Tagboard
I'm truly sorry to say this, but all the new messages posted on the tagboard are GONE! I don't know why to tell you the truth, I can only say that I'm really, really sorry!

07 May 2004 // Bright Lights.. the MP3!
Aight, guys, you are sooo going to love me. I've got the exclusive MP3 of Bright Lights, exclusively to billycrawford.org! Enjoy! :)
Part One [Download], Part Two [Download], Part Three [Download]. ENJOY! Don't forget: Copyright: BC.ORG! Do not take without permission!

07 May 2004 // New Pictures
Added 7 new pictures of the NRJ Music Tour, check out the gallery :)

07 May 2004 // Updates
Updated a lot of sections; Avatars, Links, Affiliates, AIM Codes and added 1 new button to the 'link-us' section. Thanks to Cheryl! Tnx!

07 May 2004 // NRJ
Don't forget to listen to NRJ tonight, they will be playing Billy's new single 'Bright Lights'. www.NRJ.fr

06 May 2004 // Bright Lights
Finally! The name of the new single is confirmed! The single will be called Bright Lights and will be on radio (NRJ) for the first time this Friday in France. Make sure you listen to NRJ friday night! The album will be released the end of August. First this was June, but we will have to to wait for a few months longer unfortunately. Anyway, this is brilliant news! I will add an audio-sample a.s.ap. if possible!

05 May 2004 // Gallery
Added a few pictures to the gallery. Updated galleries are: NRJ Awards 2004 / Mary Lopez (Concerts). Enjoy!

04 May 2004 // Poll
Just a quick update on the album. The release date is probably 21 June 2004. It might be suspended until the 28th of June. But 1 of these dates is the official release-date! Yay! There are rumors going on that the album is called 'Big City', but this is NOT true!

04 May 2004 // Poll
Found an error at the poll-section. It's working again now :)

03 May 2004 // OTM
As promised: a new fan of the Month + new Artist of the Week, Jessica Simpson. Enjoy!

03 May 2004 // Sorry!
I'm truly sorry for not updating altho I promised u guys! So; I'm really, REALLY SORRY! Hop eu can forgive me, lol :) Anyway, added a new Picture of the Month, Site of the Week and a new Mp3 of the Month. I will be adding a new Fan + Artist OTM tonight. I'm truly sorry for all the delays we've had the past couple of days! I'll be back soon :)

01 May 2004 // Plugging =)
I opened a new fanlisting (approved by TheFanlisting.org) for Mandy Moore's song: Want You Back. If you would like to become a member, please click here! Thanks!
I will be adding a new mp3/picture etc of the Month tonight, sorry for the delays!

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